My Favorite Music Artist: Eminem

I’ve only been an Eminem fan for 2 and a half years, a little after the release of his latest solo album, Recovery. “Love the Way You Lie” was my first favorite of his. There were a few factors that played into the beginning of my obsession with his music.

First, I had just separated from my husband for the final time. I have (and always will) immerse myself in music to escape from my thoughts. My history has many examples of this: Taking Back Sunday, Blue October, and P!nk (she’s fucking awesome). Three Days Grace is another really good example but damn, their music sucks nowadays.

The second reason was weed. I didn’t start smoking until the winter that Lance and I split. I really don’t think I would have appreciated rap music before I got high. In fact, I know I didn’t like rap or hip hop in my teenage/early adulthood. I thought it was just noise. But I got high and heard “Seduction” and everything clicked. I happily lost myself in his lyrics.

The final and most important piece is that Eminem is blow-your-goddamn-mind amazing. Lyrically, he’s displayed brilliance across every track he’s ever created. Not to say that every line is genius. I’m still flabbergasted at “like my old lady” in “Say What You Say.” Couldn’t come up with anything better than that filler? (Okay maybe not every song. I still can’t listen to the entirety of “Fack.”)

I have so many great memories involving his music. I was in the kitchen in my mother’s house when I realized he rhymes orange, syringe, and inches in “Business.” With accents and bending his voice, he can make anything rhyme with something. I think that’s why I like Relapse so much. A lot of fans think it’s his worst album because he overuses the accents. Maybe that’s true, but I love that he displays a different side of himself.

Another reason that I feel so connected to him is that we’re both Libras. I believe in astrology because it’s really true for me. That’s not the case for everyone, but I do think it is the case for Marshall Mathers. It’s the reason he talks about his mom and Kim so much in his music. He feels so many different things about the same person or one situation. I think each song holds a different perspective in his reality.

I can’t stand people who immediately dismiss him just because he’s a rapper. “They just talk about bitches and money.” Sure – he raps about those things in like half of his songs. But there’s something underneath his words, depth. He makes me laugh. “Drips” is definitely in my Top 5 songs on The Eminem Show (my favorite album).  And let’s just be honest: Some women truly are sluts and act exactly like he describes in his lyrics.

I could write a million more words on why I love his music, but I think I’ve gotten my point across. I’ll finish off with a small (ish) list of my favorites.

1. “Crazy in Love” from Relapse

2. “‘Til I Collapse” from The Eminem Show

3. “Almost Famous” from Recovery

4. “Sing For the Moment” from The Eminem Show

5. “Hallie’s Song” from The Eminem Show

6. “Cinderella Man” from The Eminem Show

7. “Drips” from The Eminem Show

8. “The Way I Am” from The Marshall Mathers LP

9. “3 a.m.” from Relapse

10. “No Apologies” from Eminem Presents: The Re-Up

11. “Beautiful” from Relapse

12. “Square Dance” from The Eminem Show

13. “Seduction” from Recovery

14. “So Bad” from Recovery

15. “Criminal” from The Marshall Mathers LP

And since technically that’s a list of Eminem solo songs, I want to add a smaller list of others:

1. “The Reunion” from Hell: The Sequel by Bad Meets Evil

2. “Loud Noises” from Hell: The Sequel by Bad Meets Evil, featuring Slaughterhouse. (Great memories with this song)

3. “Forever” from Relapse:Refill with all those other rappers that I listen to impatiently while waiting for his verse.

This was fun. 🙂


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