I decided a few days ago that I’m using this WordPress blog to write about whatever I want. I can’t do “theme” blogs because I don’t have a one-track mind like that. My mind jumps to whatever subject I feel passionate about and there are many, many things that I love.

The color pink is my favorite. My first wedding was a beautiful splash of multiple shades of pink and white as the secondary color. I’ve loved pink since I was a kid, though my first favorite color was dark purple.

The ring that Josh bought me for Valentine’s Day this year has three pink sapphires with a silver design connecting the stones. Truly, it’s the most beautiful ring I’ve ever put on my finger. I’m currently drinking from my tall hot pink water cup, which I stole from my mother’s house. My pink laptop was a Christmas gift from Josh and my dad gave me a pink camera for my birthday last year.

I never get bored of this color, which is strange considering my short attention span for just about everything else. I could look at the color pink for the rest of my life and be absolutely content. I also feel like it’s the color that most expresses who I am. I am bright and bubbly. I am happy and friendly. I am pink. 😀

Also for your information, my favorite crayon is “Tickle-me-pink.” Do you have a favorite crayon?


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